Pardot Implementation

Our focus is Client Success. We don't use a one-size-fits-all checklist for implementation and then walk away. We customize the setup to your organization's needs and processes, creating an actionable marketing strategy with wellness checks and ongoing training for your internal team.

We offer 3 types of implementations: Basic, Plus, and Pro.


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The Basic Implementation will get you up and running, without extra integrations or training. It includes Pardot Account Configuration, Website & Email Technical Setup, Salesforce CRM Integration, Prospect Import & User Setup, and Basic Training for Administrators.

Includes: 3 Email Templates, 1 Landing Page, 1 Form, and 1 Drip Campaign.

Recommended for: Pardot Growth Edition, Small Businesses.


The Plus Implementation fits most businesses and includes extended training sessions for your marketing team and administrators. It includes everything in the Basic Implementation, plus Scoring & Grading setup, 3rd Party Integrations (like Google Analytics or GoToWebinar), Custom Field Syncing, extended training, and an additional drip campaign.

Includes: 5 Email Templates, 2 Landing Page Templates, 2 Forms, and 2 Drip Campaigns.

Recommended for: Pardot Plus and Advanced Editions, Medium to Enterprise Businesses.

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The Pro Implementation includes all Plus components as well as Custom Object Syncing, Salesforce Engage Implementation, Advanced Reporting & Analytics, List Logic, and Paid Search Integration.

Recommended for: Pardot Advanced Edition, Enterprise Businesses.