We're here to help get your team up to speed with custom training sessions. We cover a variety of training topics and are always available to train on-site.  Admins rejoice!



  • Email and Landing Page Templates
  • Integrating Web Forms
  • Scoring & Grading
  • Closed-Loop Reporting
  • User Management
  • Automation Rules
  • 3rd Party Connectors


  • Email Best Practices
  • Drip Campaign Setup (Engagement Studio)
  • List Logic: Prospect Segmentation and Importing
  • Salesforce Campaign Integration
  • Webinar & Tradeshow Setup


Sales Reps

  • Salesforce Engage
  • Using Pardot Email Templates
  • How to Use Pardot Tracking Data
  • Automate Your Outreach
  • Prospecting with Pardot
  • Custom List Views

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